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Learn the Secrets of Silks and Calmly Dive into Soothing Silk Painting Art.

Hi, My name is Jurate and I’m a silk painter for over six years now. I earn living from silk painting which is the most pleasant activity to me. Together with my teacher and colleagues we decided to go wider and spread the secrets online.

More about my program

It is a password protected area with silk painting training videos, free tips and other useful information for a silk painter or beginner. Actually we are selling a much bigger video course but I suggest you to grab your free access through the form above and see what we have to show you! I promise that you will want to purchase our ‘big’ course later :)

What can I expect from your free program?

Frequently added silk painting technique videos;

Information about silks, dyes, brushes and other stuff for silk painting over time;

We have answered and will answer even more most troublesome questions in the course of time;

You will get noticed through your e-mail about new available content;

You will be able to start painting on silk in no time and improve constantly;

You will learn how to sell your works online;

I Wish I Knew

that all I really needed to become a happy and well earning silk painter was to attend to only few silk painting classes and then practice not otherwise. I have gone through trials and errors then found a good teacher and started improving very quickly. Now, together with her, I teach others in a painless way.

My Silk Painting Story

I love painting landscapes. This is not where I began :)

My story in arts began many years ago. Actually I wasn’t very good at drawing or painting at all in my opinion but introduction to silk painting changed a lot of things. At first I didn’t know where to start really. There were some videos online showing finished works and even process but uninformative. How to mix the paints? What paints to use? I didn’t know what kind of silk should I choose and so many other things.

But I couldn’t stop because:

  • Silk painting was and still is the most fun and soothing art I have ever tried;
  • I knew there were people earning truly well from this hobby and without major struggle;
  • I was truly delighted with an idea to have my own classes because I love having group activities;
  • I loved painting something else than paintings. It’s so fun to create scarves, shawls and other wear. Also later I found way more uses for silk;

The best advantage of silk painting over most other crafts and arts is that you create frequently usable wear – not something that hangs on the wall or sits on a shelf…

My first performance on silk was self inspiring. It gave me confidence that I can actually paint quite well. Silk dyes helped me and helps everyone to paint. However I was not improving. I found more videos later, read books but all I was doing is wasting tons of silk and dyes. I enjoyed and paintings were quite well but not for selling and I wanted to make a living from my hobby.

Then I decided to invest some money into training

I though to myself, if I spend so much money on silks, dyes and other stuff, probably I won’t lose anything. I knew one painter and phoned her straight away. Met her, learned the secrets and simple tips I had no idea about. In quite a short time I was able to sell my first scarf and today I sell paintings made to order for truly high prices.

Now I teach my students the secrets of silk painting, going to seminars and exhibitions in all over the world, doing my own exhibitions and painting for sale. That’s a great business and even better hobby from which everything began. Many people from 3 to 70 years old come to our classes to paint a single work for themselves or for a gift and they perform very well. Others come more frequently and in a short time they figure out every detail and here – another artist goes!

Silk painting that shows many techniques used on poppies.

One of my latests works. Poppies.

Our students, who decide to invest a bit more time and effort, start to make money in no time by selling various wear. It’s great to see others succeed!

I got so much experience through trial and error, my teacher, colleagues and seminars. I don’t want to keep everything to myself. Together with my colleagues I decided to spread the love for silk painting even further and therefore made an online video silk painting training course.

I Have Taught Many Ladies and Some Gentlemen

and I want to share my experience with you. I will give you a Free access to silk painting videos and free tips. All you have to do is enter your name and real email address in the form on this page and you will receive an access immediately. Inside our free program you will receive new tips frequently.